Born on January 27, 2012 as an audio library software of Yamaha Corporation of speech synthesis system “VOCALOID ™ 3”. Crystal clear treble of long tones combines the flexibility that sings most attractive, and the speedy rock and rhythmic dance music. Its height and character of the performance is called the topic, won first place in the 2014 June Append version [IA ROCKS] along with the Amazon music production software rankings released, such as in the current more than a related video views 1 million times, user Ya It has a very high reputation from industry participants.

As “IA” is virtual artists, starting with the first live in 2012 Zepp Divercity Tokyo, start a collaboration with a variety of artists and projects. In addition to play the official theme song of motor sports, which boasts the recruitment number of the nation’s largest for the second year in a row from 2013, “SUPER GT”, worldwide popularity of music games, and dance music collaboration with Taito “GROOVE COASTER” apparel brand “FIG & VIPER”, expand the collaboration item of the “GLAD NEWS”. In addition, the world delivered anime and “mechanical clock City Actors”, CD, which was recorded in the comic last volume of Neon Genesis Evangelion has become a hot topic has been chosen as vocal in the IA.

To celebrate the release third anniversary in January 2015, in a live and talk event was held, live audience of the net delivery is more than 47,000, further, Nippon Television “Music arrange battle that has been broadcast in April of the same year! In the song Edition “, the studio live appearance is achieved will be the first,” IA-chan “and the like play a containing Twitter trend, called the great response.

In the same year on July 30, PlayStationR Vita music game software “IA / VT? COLORFUL-” was released, Gold Hall of Fame at the cross review of proud of the game magazine No.1 market share in the “Weekly Famitsu”, PlayStationRstore sales Ranked # 2, Famitsu .com sales ranking # 3, and the game sales ranking # 3 examined Media Create, shortly after the release, was well received from various quarters.


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IA Plush (22cm)

Size: 22cmContains plastic pellets.Barcode: 6430063310008 Weight approx: 125g POPbuddies Plush Col..